Shox –  Music producer, composer, keyboardist and singer.

My offer for you is to make original soundtrack (OST), background music score for film, movie, animation, video game, or for individual vocalist, singer.


  • Classical piano and other instruments music
  • Electronic, techno, trance, house, dance, r’n’b music
  • Rock, metal music

Shox – Winter & Spring (Trance)

Shox – Journey (Electronic)

Shox – A little jazz (Jazz)

Shox – Remind me of A (Classical piano)

Shox – A little Polish blues (Blues)

Shox – I’m thinking about it (Classical clarinet)

Shox – Mystic stranger coming (Electronic background)

Shox – Africa (Electronic)

Shox – Something beauty (Electronic)

Shox – Earth is calling (Trance)

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Recent my original music for sell. There’s nothing here now, LP cover is just a sample.

Album: Album Title
Label: Shox Music
Released: 2017
Genres: Classical Music
Artist: Shox
Composer: Shox
Text: Shox

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03. Track Title (00:00)
04. Track Title (00:00)
05. Track Title (00:00)
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